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Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh

Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh

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Sumatra Kerinci Tujuh Cooperative


This coffee from Kerinci is so much cleaner than the typical wet-hulled and not a lot of earth tones that you might expect. The fragrance and aroma produce molasses-like sweetness when roasted to Medium and Medium+ roast levels, sweet nutty smells of praline and pecan, honey wheat bread and a thin ribbon of chocolate. Roasting Sumatra light isn't always recommended. But that's where we found this one to excel. The cup flavors at Medium have notes of sorghum and rice syrups, a light caramel glaze and interesting barley tea note. Our Medium+ roast produced a delicious dark honey flavor and a surprise fruited accent of dried blackberry. The finish had a rye hint as well as pungent cocoa and burnt seseme seed accents. Full Darkroasts will appeal to those who love a smokey cup, but it's a much flatter cup in terms of flavor dimension. Still, we really liked the dark baking cocoa flavors that came through and a flavor roasty campfire marshmallow added a complex touch to the cup!

Lighter roasting brings out flavors of sorghum and rice syrups, caramel, barley tea, dark honey, a subtle berry hint and finishing flavors of pungent cocoa and burnt sesame seed.

Good for espresso.


  • Roaster's choice

    Medium to medium dark


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