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Nicaragua Don Isidro Mulled Red Wine Microlot 1/2 lb

Nicaragua Don Isidro Mulled Red Wine Microlot 1/2 lb



This is an incredible coffee with mulled wine and jasmine overtones,

Dry fragrance: nectary, nice, peach, sweet, nectary tea, juicy, orange. Second roast: Peach, star fruit, cherry.

Wet aroma: oak, red wine, orange blossom. Second roast: mulled red wine, wine, nutmeg.

Taste: citric, azahar, earl grey, jasmine, floral,   red wine cooked, nice with a steak dinner, deep, body, "serious."

Cold: red wine, jasmine, smores.

Medium-dark roast: mulled red wine, juicy, great, pear, solid, would be an amazing espresso.

Pour over warm: Substantial, juicy, brown sugar, cherry, apple rind juicy, body, plum, smooth.

Pour over cooling: Velvety, SL-28, juicy, red cherry, malic, red apple rind, juicy, great.

Makes an incredible expresso!

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